Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip to Jogja-Semarang...Day 1

Setelah sekian lama plan nk jejak semula kenangan ms zaman2 UIA dlu utk wat measured drawing, akhirnya tahun ini n specifically on 11th June 2009, termakbul la sudah impian.... I went there with my mom n my 2 cousins (Oun n Don). Actually plan nk pi ngan my business partner 2 org tu, tp masing2 br dpt keje br, so x leh la nk mintak cuti, but i STILL wanted to go.. Last sekali my dad approved bawak my cousin along (Don) bila pikir2, kesian plak kt Oun, so i told my mom, why don't kita bawak depa berdua skali...bilik hotel x yh tambah..ala2 tido berjemaah gitu..hehehe...

So hr yg ditunggu telah tiba... we all naik Air Asia je.. flight at 1505, but kitaorg gerak dr umah my sis kt Shah Alam. dekat sket ke LCCT. I managed to bake 2 sets of choc cupcake (16 each) for my beloved friend - Novie and my bapak angkat in Semarang - Pak Rachman.. ms airport limo sampai kat umah, my nephew Aizad dh start nangis2 nk ikut Tok Mi dia.. n yg paling menyedihkan was went we saw him jumping like crazy sambil nangis yg beria2 dr dlm umah went we all were in the taxi....poor Aizad....

Cupcakes for Pak Rachman n family

This is for my beloved friend Novie Rurianingsih
Arfan playing while we r waiting for the airport limo

Before the crying incident

Alhamdulillah, the flight landed in Jogja at 5pm (WIB) and the travel agent was waiting for us.. tp we all stuck in 'human jammed' since the airport has only 1 screening gadget for H1N1 and we all sume kena sembur with what i don't know...yg pasti benda tu sejuk2... Hr dh, dr airport, trus ke office travel agency tu utk urusan pembayaran segala... adalah about 1/2hr dok situ gk and then kitaorg straight to Semarang. it took us about 3+ hrs to arrive in Semarang. yg bestnye, we had our first dinner in Magelang..nasi padang!!! this is my mom's favourite food in Indonesia...hehehe.. and what a small world...the owner of the restaurant tu, rupanya penah dok Gombak...lama gk la...n Don tetiba order teh tarik (hey, it's not in the list la ;p) while his sister keep on asking me the meanings of listed menu. The pakcik managed to tarik the teh, but maybe depa x dak susu F&N n teh cap masjid kot, so the taste a bit differ..

Maha Indah ciptaanNya

Can see the peak of the mountain between the cloud Jogja from the air

Finally arrived.. First time for them travelling outside Malaysia

Me with my cousins - Don (left) and Oun

Queing before being sprayed like we r giant mosquitoes. Please ignore the tired face. stayed up buat kek punya pasal

Setengah jam lebih dok queue kt sini je :(

This is where we had our dinner...Don with his smiling face...dpt teh tarik :)

We arrived safely in Semarang at 10.30pm n straight to the Ibis Hotel. mmg saje i pilih hotel yg paling dekat ngan Plaza Simpang Lima... byk kenangan kt situ woo.... bilik hotel best, sbb br refurbished kot... n as usual, Don terpaksa tido atas lantai (sorry dear...) . We continue our sleep (since in the van lagi..hehe).. have to charge for tomorrow's activity...

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